Welcome to the SAO Blog!

Hello MIT and readers beyond!  Welcome to the new, fresh, and potentially awesome resource that is the MIT Student Activities Office Blog!

The Student Activities Office seeks to be a thinking partner for every student and student organization at MIT, helping students to achieve great things in and out of the classroom, and beyond MIT!  We offer numerous resources and opportunities to expand your skills, knowledge, and experiences, and we want to help make the MIT experience a top-notch one.

What do we hope to achieve with this blog?  We hope that we can connect the student organization community with the latest updates on event policies and financial procedures, information on effective event planning or resources for building leadership skills, and insights from students and staff that help to show off the amazing work our student organizations are doing across campus and around the world.

We want this to be the go-to resource for the MIT student organization community, and we want to hear from our students as well.  Does you org have an upcoming event that you want to advertise on the blog?  Do you want to keep your fellow students up-to-date on things happening on campus and around Boston?  Let us know, we would be happy to have you on the team.  Write blogger Joel at joelp@mit.edu and we’ll get you connected through the SAO Blog to the rest of the student organization community.

We look forward to seeing what this blog can do, so keep checking back, shoot us some feedback, and we’ll talk to you soon!

–Joel P.

P.S. is everyone else excited that hockey is back like me?

Hockey is back! Joel at the SAO is excited… sooooo excited.

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