Springtime = Awards Time!

As we quickly come up on the end of another academic year, it is time to take a moment and reflect on all that we have done: the programming, the work on developing our membership, and the relationships built with members of the MIT community.

The Student Activities Office and the Office of Multicultural Programs is happy to help recognize those students, staff, faculty, and organizations who have contributed to the MIT experience this year.  There are two upcoming opportunities to recognize those people you feel are deserving of campus-wide and community recognition for their hard and dedicated work.


The Office of Multicultural Programs is very excited to announce it’s Inaugural Multicultural Programs Banquet! This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the great work members of our campus community/student organizations are doing to foster a campus that celebrates and affirms individuals from all backgrounds. 

Make sure you learn more about what awards exist and then nominate someone for these awards by April 22nd at 5pm at this link!


The Student Activities Office and Division of Student Life are currently taking nominations for the Student Leader Awards!  There are awards for both individuals and groups, and you can find out more information here.  Make sure you get your nominations in for SLA by April 26th!


We look forward to seeing your nominations, and we look forward to recognizing the awesome work that MIT community members have been doing this year!

We’ll try and keep our award presenters on top of things… we promise.

–Joel P.


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