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A note about chalking on campus

As everyone gets back into the groove of the academic year, we wanted to take a moment to make a reminder plug about chalking (the weather is ridiculously nice right now, so why wouldn’t you want to advertise your event by drawing outside, right?) on campus.

There are numerous places to find information about the chalking policies for groups and individuals on campus, which includes policies regarding how student organizations advertise their events.  You can find them on the ASA website and in the CAC & SAO’s Event Planning Guide.

You can totally chalk to help advertise your events, but here are some don’ts to consider:

  • No chalking on vertical surfaces (including walls, buildings, and stair fronts) as this cannot be easily washed off by rain, and Facilities has to take time out of their already busy schedule to wash it off
  • Please don’t chalk in front of 77 Massachusetts Avenue, which essentially serves as the gateway to campus, a place that Facilities and the Institute prefers look well-kept.

SAO, CAC, and Facilities does not recommend or condone the use of cats to chalk on campus.

Another thing to consider is that you should always be using biodegradable chalk (it washes away easier and likely won’t need Facilities attention), and stay away from using chalk spray paint.  They may be advertised as washable, but many brands do not easy wash away, and actually require Facilities to power wash it off.  Additionally, don’t use hairspray or other items over your chalking to give it more permanence – again, this requires Facilities to bring in power washing equipment.

Student organizations that chalk in a way that requires power washing or additional attention from our Facilities crew will be followed up with, and in many cases, will be required to pay the cleaning costs from their organization funds.


We want your events to be a success and for tons of people to find out about them, and chalking is an awesome way to do that, but there are methods to chalk effectively that will get the job done and will cause less of a headache for you and our Facilities crews!



–Joel P.

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SAO, ASA, UA… oh my!


Neither the SAO, UA, or ASA are as scary as lions, tigers, or bears (and we all have hearts and brains…also)

OK, sorry for all of the acronyms there in the title, but, of course, as MIT leads by example, we are an institution of acronyms!

So, there are a bunch of different bodies that deal with student organizations and their roles in MIT life and activities.  What do they all do and what role do they play on campus and how do they interact with each other?

The ASA is the Association for Student Activities, and is the overall governing body for student organizations at MIT.  They are responsible for organizing the creation of new student groups, as well as the administrative details of year-to-year registration and member management.

The UA, or the Undergraduate Association, represents undergraduates at MIT, and is the student government concerned with bringing concerns and issues of the undergraduate community to the Institute’s attention.  They offer unique opportunities to get involved with campus life and policies, as well as additional programming and financial opportunities to student organizations that serve the undergraduate community.

The SAO, or Student Activities Office, is a partner in the work that the UA and ASA does, offering opportunities to discuss organizational and leadership development, transition between organization leadership from year to year, and financial guidance as student organizations utilize their Student Activities Fee based budgets.  The SAO is staffed by professionals with years of experience in financial management, large event planning (bringing a concert to campus? The SAO can help you gameplan!), leadership and personal development, and social justice education.  SAO considers itself a thinking parter to students and their organizations, helping them to achieve great things for their organizations and the MIT community.

Image originally posted by MIT Panhel @ panel.mit.edu

The SAO helps to manage much of the financial work of student organizations, so if you have questions regarding effective budgeting, how to navigate payments and contracts, or additional funding for your programming ideas and dreams, visit the SAO over in W20-549 or email a SAO staff member to set up some time to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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