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Happy Holidays and Safe Travels from the SAO!

Another semester closes, and as folks head home, head to IAP internships or abroad trips, or hang out and just relax on the couch, we hope everyone has a very happy, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday break!

Hopefully your flights are smoother than this one:

And if you are going traveling by moped… please bundle up:

Make sure you get your car checked out before getting on the road:

and if you are traveling by spaceship, make sure you come to a slow, safe, controlled stop if you have gone Plaid:

But seriously, relax a bit ya’ll.

Get some extra sleep while you can.

Catch up with and hang out with friends and family…

…except for Aunt Annabeth… she’s definitely not your favorite aunt.

Enjoy your break and we’ll see you over IAP or in February!

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Add LeaderShape to your MIT Bucket List

In mid-January, 65 MIT students and 14 MIT staff and faculty made the trek to Sharon, MA (close to Patriots stadium – so close in fact, you might hear the roar of the crowd during game days) to spend six days with each other to talk about leadership. SIX DAYS? Leadership? In the middle of nowhere, MA? Why?

I will tell you why; as my third time of being a LeaderShape facilitator, I cannot think of a better way for MIT students to spend time engaged in dialogue and activity  around this topic of leadership and vision-creation. If we are to be the global innovators and entrepreneurs of the future, we must engage ourselves in honest and open discussion in what it means to be a leader in 2013. And all the possibilities that come from within us to tackle that very task. LeaderShape, a nationally recognized program where thousands of college students participate in annually all over the country (www.leadershape.org), focus on the core elements of the program: integrity, leadership, personal leadership development and vision creation. When approaching problem-solving for issues big and small, LeaderShape reminds us to have a “healthy disregard for the impossible” and truly consider to imagine a world that we would like to live in. What would we create? What would we want to eradicate? Whom would we want to empower? Or whom would we want to educate? And why is that important to us?

MIT Leadershape 2013

MIT Leadershape 2013

The possiblities are endless for students at LeaderShape to consider; which is why the program is so popular among our community. Conversations on leadership and changing the world go beyond the 8AM – 10PM scheduled conference times; in MIT fashion, these discussions with 65 of your peers can carry on into the wee morning hours of the spacious conference center; a conference center that holds many different cozy “pockets” of seating areas, complete with fire places and late night snacks. For six days, you leave the world of MIT, and enter into a completely different realm of possiblity and growth. You not only discover who you are as a person, but also discover that you are in fact a leader, you just did not realize your potential yet. We all have that spark of change within us ready to get out onto paper and tell our friends about – and LeaderShape is the place to do just that. To form lasting, strong bonds and relationships, to have fun, to have laugh, to grow. We welcome you to join us next IAP – applications will be available in November 2013 and open to all undergraduate students!

For more information on dates on the program as well as applicantion information, visit http://studentlife.mit.edu/sao/leadership/leadershape.


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