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Save All Receipts!

Save the whal… or, rather, Save The Receipts!

How not to keep your receipts filed or organized!









When being reimbursed for a purchase you have made on behalf of your student group, you are required to submit “documentation”.  But what really does this word mean?  Documentation means that the person being reimbursed needs to prove what they purchased and how they purchased it.  These two factors are referred to as the Itemized Receipt and the Proof of Purchase.

Let’s use the restaurant example:  You finish lunch at a restaurant and the price comes to $25.  The waiter drops the receipt and you pay with a credit card.  The waiter takes your credit card and brings you back something to sign.  You add a $5 tip (feeling generous) and….now what?

You actually need everything in the little black book; the receipt which shows the price and everything which you ordered (itemized receipt) AND the credit card slip which you signed (proof of payment).  If you are paying cash, you will need to ask the waiter to go a get you a cash receipt (proof of payment).

Without both of these, Proof of Payment & Itemized Receipt, you will not be reimbursed.  Lesson for today:  SAVE ALL RECEIPTS.


— Colin

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